Dealing with Depression

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We all have times when we feel down, especially if we are experiencing relationship difficulties, financial stress, unemployment, a good friend moves away, or someone we care about dies.  However, the gloomy feelings usually pass and we still experience happy times with friends or family.  Sometimes the sad feelings don't go away - we stop enjoying things that used to be fun.  This could mean depression. Rather than feeling unmotivated, lethargic and hopeless, you should talk to your friends, family or a depression therapist about your problems and work to find a solution.

Am I Depressed - or is it the Blues?
How will I know if I am depressed?


If you've been feeling miserable more often than not over the past two weeks or more, and you've stopped enjoying things that used to be fun, you might be depressed. Check the symptoms below - if you tick three or more it is likely you are experiencing a bout of depression.


  • Finding it hard to feel interested in things

  • Wanting to avoid friends and everyday activities

  • Difficulty concentrating or decision-making

  • Either losing interest in eating, or over-eating

  • Losing weight when you are not dieting, or gaining weight

  • Having disturbed sleep or, alternatively, wanting to sleep all the time

  • Thinking about, or planning, suicide

  • Having unpleasant negative thoughts, such as feeling guilty or that you are unworthy

  • Pain and/or headaches that don't seem to have a physical cause

Talking to a depression therapist can help you understand what you’re going through by talking through your issues. Once we identify the root cause, we can give you effective ways to combat your depression and help you to feel happy again. Depression counselling does help, and can save you a lot of pain and suffering.

Why do we get depressed?

Sometimes stress builds up in our lives and overwhelms our ability to cope.  You may have lost someone you love, had a baby, or been stressed and too busy for too long.  Ongoing stress like coping on a low income, facing rising debt, or feeling lonely and isolated can lead to depression. 


Sometimes people get depressed for no obvious reason - the heavy feelings just seem to come out of the blue.  This can happen when people come from families who seem more vulnerable to becoming depressed after relatively mild stress. No matter how you become depressed, the effects are debilitating and will affect all aspects of your life and relationships if left untreated.

Depression counselling can help you cope during excessively sad and upsetting times.

What do I do next?
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"Coming to see you is the first time I realised that depression is real. I had been told to 'snap out of it' so often and came to believe I was weak and lazy. Now I can manage my 'black dog'."

Jerry K.

"Thank you.   I never believed I could come though depression and find enjoyment again. But I did. I have pleasure now in the little things in life I never used to think were important. I'm grateful (and so's my wife!)'




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