Dealing with Grief

No one should have to work through their grief alone. Talk to your friends and family or sharing your feelings with a grief therapist to help you cope and move on.


Grief is a multi-faceted response to loss - of all sorts. It may be the loss of someone or something with which a bond was formed. 


Grief affects us emotionally, physically, mentally, how we behave, and how much we want to be with other people.


While grief is expected when we lose someone close to us, we experience grief in connection with a variety of losses throughout life. It may be because of unemployment, ill health, the end of an important friendship or relationship, the realisation that a goal will not be reached, the loss of a beloved pet, or any number of other life events.


Grief Counselling

It is important to recognise when understandable grief becomes something more. When we become 'stuck' in our grief it can lead to depression and desperation affecting everyday life. Warning signs include being unable to focus on little else but the loss, thoughts of guilt or self-blame associated with the loss, the belief you did something wrong and could have prevented the loss, feeling as if life isn't worth living, feeling you have lost your purpose in life, or feeling life will never be pleasurable again.



The loss of a beloved pet is devastating and can leave you battling a deep and painful grief. Don't take it lightly. The loss of a cat, dog or other much-loved animal can leave you with depression, anxiety, a deep pain and with a huge empty space. Often well-meaning friends and family can give the advice 'Just get another one....'. It's not that easy! Talking about the meaning the loss of your pet to you, personally, can be very helpful.

Dr Allison Lamont offers grief counselling Auckland wide to support you through the stages of bereavement, help you cope with your loss and help you deal with the grieving process.

What do I do next if I need help with my grief?
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"Thank you for taking the loss of my beloved dog 'Wrinkles' seriously.Thanks for helping me decide on, and sharing, a special wee garden for Wrinkles. I feel at peace about him."


"So many people had told me it would get better. It didn't. Everyone else seemed to move on, and I couldn't think of anything except my loss. It wasn't until you gently led me through the valley and I could deal with the regrets and loss that I began to climb out of the deep, dark place I was in. Thank you, Allison.

Jenny McC

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