Managing Conflict

This is not the right way to
resolve conflict

Even with the best intentions, you may have different opinions and ideas on matters than other people, or a particular person.  This can easily lead to a conflict situation where both (or all) of you feel angry, upset, misunderstood, or helpless. 


It is important both parties are able to focus their full attention on the problem without being distracted or rushed. Neither should either feel they are at a disadvantage because they are in the other person's 'territory'.  By making an appointment to work through the issues in a neutral place and with a neutral person skilled at ensuring everyone is heard and respected, solutions can be found and compromises made.

The final solution may work as well, or better, than any of the original ideas!

If you are dealing with conflict,
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"I'm still not quite sure how you did it! It is so good to live in a peaceful household where we know how to resolve issues before the conflict erupts. It is a different life and one we are determined to hold onto."

Mick & Julie

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