Memory Loss

What does happen to memory from 50 years, onwards?

This is an important question. There is plenty of acedotal evidence that memory decline is expected as we age, but what is true and what isn't? This was an important part of my own  research into memory changes across the lifespan.


As you can see, we do well into middle age. Yes, we do notice an increasing number of memory lapses BUT, as you will see in the graph below which is taken from my five-year research, memory ability (if not helped) does decline in later life.  Changing this pattern of memory loss is in YOUR HANDS.

You can see how memory (without help) drops away soon after middle life.

This research was done with people who had NO special memory training. It would be very interesting to do the research again, with people who did take the time and care to train their memory and keep their brains active and alert.  It would present a very different picture to the rather dismal prospects in the graph!


The great time to find out about the memory skills you need to change the memory pathway ahead for you, is NOW!

With some time and commitment, you can change your own 'personal graph' into a much more positive picture.  Careful testing can pinpoint the specific problem areas you have, allowing an individualised programme to restore your memory, guard again memory loss, and revitalise brain function.

Memory Testing

You can make an appointment with Dr. Lamont to have your memory tested. She will test many different areas of your memory, using the latest and most comprehensive memory tests. 

Dr. Lamont can plan an individual memory programme for you which will improve your memory and build brain resilience for the future. You would work with her in one-to-one appointments.




You can choose to join a Brain Fit for Life group which will meet for five hour and a half  sessions. In Brain Fit for Life you will learn the strategies to improve your memory, building a buffer against future memory loss, and learn all about brain health - how to keep your all-important brain healthy.


Dr. Lamont will be one of the presenters of Brain Fit for Life - the other wll be Gillian Eadie, a renowned educator and also an expert in memory loss prevention. Visit the Memory Foundation to see more of what we do together.


You will find information on memory, and the opportunity to sign up for a FREE memory improvement course 'Brain Tune' on the  Memory Foundation website.


To find out more about your memory, how it works, and what you can do, visit 
and contact Dr. Allison Lamont, (09) 575 5432 or Email:

"I had no idea you were a memory specialist when I came to see you about my work performance. It was great to deal with the memory problems which were making work difficult. With the strategies you have taught me and the skills to manage my anxiety, I am feeling much more confident and settled at work.

Ken D

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