Personal Development

Our need for personal development can be prompted by the sense that something is 'missing' from our lives, even if we don't know exactly what it is!

Sometimes personal development may be spurred on by more specific challenges which make us less able to cope with life, relationships, work, or responsibilities.  Then we can experience feeling stick, brokne, inflexible, withdrawn, inflexible, or fearful..

You can  return to a full and satisfying life.
So why personal development for me?

It will help you:

  • Understand your present situation

  • Clarify how you might like it to change

  • Adopt the strategies to make it happen

  • Keep you focused and moving forward towards your goals

  • Build your resilience

  • Sort out faulty reasoning which holds you in your present patterns

  • Understand the stressors and elimnate them as much as possible.

What if I can't come to your office?

If you are unable to be here in person, I am happy to work with you via Skype or by telephone.  Weekly sessions are recommended until you are on track, and then sessions may extend to fortnightly or monthly meetings.


I will be working to make the whole process as easy as possible for you.

If you would like to find out more, or make an appointment with me, telephone
(09) 575 5432
or email:
If I am not available to answer the phone when you call, please leave a clear number where I can call you back - I check for phone messages frequently!

"I waited 20 years before looking for counselling for my childhood abuse. I thought I could keep a lid on it. It was hard to admit what had happened.What a relief to find my life-long reactions and problems were 'normal' for what had happened to me. Working through my issues has turned my life around. I am grateful to you, Allison.

Name withheld

"I had judged myself for so long that I thought you would judge me, too. Your calm manner and complete lack of shock and judgement about my life let me risk trusting you."

Sharyn M

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