Every day we are part of a variety of relationships, each differing in the degree of closeness they provide us with. We may have work and professional relationships, neighbours, or the doctor, for example. Personal relationships, however, are those that involve some degree of intimacy, sharing, and emotional attachment - family members, friends, and partners.




Who can relationship counselling help?

Our lives are shaped by the relationships we experienced as a young child in our primary family.  These early interactions are the model and set the foundation for how we relate to others as we grow into adulthood. Sometimes an unhelpful pattern was set and this affects how we relate to others later on, or maybe your partner/co-worker/friend does not know how to sustain a healthy relationship. Perhaps, in spite of the best of intentions, you stop listening to each other, or stop doing the myriad of little things that signal love and affection.

Sometimes the breakdown of a relationship may be with one of the children, especially at the time they are stretching out for their own independence. Or is it with a partner? 


There are transitional times in relationships such as when children arrive in the family, or the children leave, or there are periods of intense work stress, or illness.  All these transitional times put pressure on relationships, and often trying to sort it alone deteriorates into a repetitive cycle of recrimination, the dragging up of historical slights, and arguments.  When communication breaks down, it is time for help. 





What do I do next if I need help with my relationship?
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Relationship counselling is not about blame or recriminations.  It provides a way forward, a chance to be heard and to hear, truly hear, the other person. You will find new ways of relating that will avoid the well-worn patterns of communication.  You will find ways to restore the friendship and intimacy that lie at the heart of relationships.

"Whew! You sure aren't afraid to challenge us with the issues! You enabled us to talk about things we haven't talked to each other about for years. We soon realised how we had stopped listening to each other. We are friends again - and we hadn't been that for a long, long time. We are looking forward to the future."

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