Self-Esteem and Confidence

Poor self-esteem and a lack of confidence are debilitating in every day life. They cause people to fall short of their porential or to put up with abusive situations and relationships.


What is low self-esteem?


Self-esteem is shaped by your thoughts, relationships and experiences. It is your overall opinion of yourself - how you see your abilities and limitations.


When you have low self-esteem, you put little value on your own opinions and ideas, and often worry about not being 'good enough'. 





Low self-esteem is not valuing yourself as a worthwhile and valuable person. Many of us have the feeling we haven't been 'good enough' in a specific situaton but the person with low self-esteem is caught up in an endless round of comparisons with others (in which you come off second-best), lack confidence and the belief you have the ability to do better. 


A person with low-esteem often feels rejected and misunderstood, and angry with themselves for not having the confidence to speak out, give their opinion, or show what they know and can do.

Early experiences can impact on the beliefs we have about ourselves. If a child or young person is starved of praise, is neglected or abused, is not parented consistently and fairly, or as a result of later negative experiences, this prevents the development of a positive self-belief and the growth of self-confidence.


If you receive mostly negative feedback and are often criticized, teased or devalued by others, you're more likely to struggle with poor self-esteem.


Your own thoughts have perhaps the biggest impact on self-esteem — and these thoughts are within your control. If you tend to focus on your weaknesses or flaws, you can learn to reframe negative thoughts and focus instead on your positive qualities.



Healthy self-esteem means feeling good about yourself and seeing yourself as deserving the respect of others.

"I am who I am - your approval is not needed."

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"Thanks for your compassion. You have let me see myself with new eyes - I have lightened up on myself and my self-esteem and confidence have grown."


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