Work Issues

Many issues affecting overall happiness and wellbeing can occur in the workplace.   Perhaps it is feeling you have been treated unfairly, or difficulty relating to a workmate or someone in the 'chain of command' seems to have it in for you. Do you need help with the skills and strategies to handle your present situation?


Perhaps you are unhappy in your present position, or would like to make changes.  Perhaps stress and overwork are affecting you, or you are finding it difficult to work because of depression or anxiety.




Balancing Life and Goal Setting

It is important to pause, take stock, and reprioritise both you goals and work-life balance.  It is very easy to be more and more absorbed by work pressures and miss the time you need for family, recreation, and relaxation.


Is this you?  Then make an appointment today to make the changes that will enhance your life.

What do I do next if I have a work issue?
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